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Founder & Leadership of Tpm

Founder :

The church was founded by Ramakutty  - later known as Pastor Paul - along with Alwin R. Paul was born to Hindu parents in the district of Trichuir in Kerala, India.While in SriLanka, at the age of 18, he became a Christian. He later felt a strong calling from the Lord Jesus Christ for his life and began to preach and share the Christian gospel in various parts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and SriLanka. It was through his service that the church was founded in 1923, Even after the passing away of Paul, the church has continued to exponentially grow and is now thought to be one of the world’s largest denominations with 2,500,000 members worldwide over 65 nations.


The church is led by a Chief Pastor, who is usually appointed for life. In addition, there is a Deputy Chief Pastor and an Associate Deputy Chief Pastor. Leadership is passed down after death to the next in seniority.
The current office holders are:
  • Wilson Joseph (Chief Pastor): 2006–present
  • Wesley Peter (Deputy Chief Pastor): 2006–present
  • Stephen Natarajan (Associate Deputy Chief Pastor): 2011–present
In the United States most of the church work was pioneered by late Don M Spires, who had previously worked closely with Oral Roberts

Past Chief Pastors :
       Paul Ramankutty 1923–1945
  • Alwin R. de Alwis 1945–1962
  • Freddy Paul 1962–1973
  • A. C. Thomas 1973–1976
  • Jacob Ratnasingham 1976–1990
  • LV. G. Samuel 1990–1991
  • H. Ernest Paul 1991–1994
  • C. K. Lazarus 1994–1999
  • P. M. Thomas 1999–2001
  • T. U. Thomas 2001–2006 
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  1. Pastor Wilson Joseph and Pastor Wesley Peter has gone to be with the Lord.Pastor Wilson Joseph entered Glory in 2014 March 3rd and Pastor Wesely Peter entered Glory in 2015 July.