Thursday, 21 April 2016

is it worth it !

This is a Story about a certain Person i Know  and Of course everybody in my church knows about him ! And Yes he is the pianist of our Church Faith home in Coimbatore.He is around 50 - 60years old.I myself admire him sitting in the corner of a pillar watching him play the Piano for every song during our Sunday service and also this person was the Head Master of our Sunday Class
Because I know him as a holy and a loving person some things people said about him made me angry thinking that they where jealous about him and i opposed to them saying that "he is a good person and has a great zeal for god ",but there where not one but many bad opinions about him !And to My surprise I saw him myself one day committing the sin,I was saying to myself even a worldly person could think twice before he/she could commit a sin like that and this guy is casually walking with a girl with their hands knotted and talking merrily like a married couple while he has a Daughter in the same age,and yes the girl he was walking with was also a member of our church and married !
Well the Person who I Though was holy and ferment in spirit has committed a painful sin  In my mind I was thinking Is it still worth for such a sin,I know he will come one day back to Jesus and Repent and will be forgiven because of his past life of holiness,But what about the people that are In our church who don't have that much of a salvation may lose their faith,If the corner stones of the church seems to be broken pieces of stones!!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

A Girl To Heaven And Hell.

 "How great is his goodness and how great is his beauty".

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  "Jesus is coming soon Get Ready "           

Friday, 27 September 2013

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